The One With all the Religious Tyranny

It's not a big spoiler to say that episode 2.2 of The Handmaid's Tale ends with a character alone in a blood stained sanctuary watching a DVD of Friends. There's definitely worse ways to spend a dystopian apocalypse. Also, you have to hand it to the Handmaid's writers - the Friends clip they selected is thematically on point for the show. (It's the bit where Monica explains to Chandler where a woman's various erogenous zones are... "Seven! Seven! Seven!")

One downside of the Friends clip in question is that it's from series 4 - that's a disappointing DVD of Friends to be stuck with, even in an apocalypse. You'd really want a disc from the first three seasons. The One Where No One's Ready. The One Where Rachel Finds Out, The One with the Prom Video - that's your golden age of Friends. The hilarity of Joey and Chandler leaving Ross' baby on a NYC bus would be a much better distraction from Christian totalitarianism than, say, the opening of season 4 where Rachel rather lamely convinces Ross' new girlfriend to shave her head.

I know, I know - beggars can't be choosers. I'm just saying that if anyone's going to leave a Friends DVDs lying around in a future religious hell-scape, make sure it's season 3 disc 1. The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy may not be thematically on point for the Gilead, but damnit, it's fun. "We don't have to talk about girth do we?"