Britain's Got (A Lack Of Transcoding) Talent

Managed to get a gig with Mirth Control, an important booker in the South of England, for next December. Ages away, admittedly, but I'm pretty chuffed. I usually get gigs by sending the best quality video of my tightest five to bookers. However, after being ignored by Mirth several times, I took a different tack - I sent a low definition video I'd struggled to convert from my wife's weird iPhone format which resulted in me being stretched horizontally, which also features me performing new material that was rough and not quite ready. Why did I do this? Well, in said video I look confident and relaxed on stage. Not that I don't in the other video, but I'm clearly in a zone and having more fun in this one. The result is now I'm a Mirth Control's radar. The moral of the story is that Britain's Got Talent isn't the only route to success in this industry - poor MPEG conversions can also do the trick.