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Jurassic World: Lost Franchise

I saw Jurassic World: Lost Kingdom today. It's an almost entirely forgettable film, contrived and empty, but it is quite entertaining, and (thanks to horror weened director J.A. Bayona) successfully creepy in several places. I'm of the opinion that the Jurassic Park universe is too small for them to keep creating films in that franchise, unlike say Star Wars, Star Trek or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where there's more possibilities for the kinds of stories you can tell. This is why there's only really been two or three good Jurassic Park films, and certainly only one brilliant one.

Honestly, the only place I can see them going with this franchise is the idea of dinosaurs as weapons of war, mainly because that's how I imagine they'd get used if they existed in the real world. Here's my idea of how this idea could manifest itself cinematically: