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Top 10 Movies 2021

I'm aware that my Best Of list is essentially an uninvited relative at Christmas dinner. No one asked for it, no one wants it. But I've clearly put too much effort into getting here to be turned away.

In the interest of taste, think of this less as a list of recommendations and more as a didactic, commandments-in-stone final say on 2021 as a year in cinema.

I've gone by UK release date. I've also included hyperlinks to where the films are streaming in an attempt to give this slice of intellectual crotch-stroking a veneer of utility. Enjoy.

/ 10 Limbo

4:3 aspect ratio. Long duration shots of desolate countryside. Scenes blocked like they're being staged on a proscenium arch. Limbo couldn't be more modern indie if it had an ambiguous ending. Oh,